It’s probably not surprising that Colorado edibles are some of the best in the country. Given that the state was one of the leaders in legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, the marijuana and CBD edibles have had a head start to develop inside Colorado.

You can find many different types of edibles that range from traditional brownies to gummies, truffles, candies, and even oils and butters infused with CBD to use as part of making your own treats.

However, one thing to keep in mind when you are ordering such treats is that some may include THC instead. For many, this may not be an issue, but for some they may want to ensure that the treats they are getting do not have any THC in them at all.

1906 Midnight Dark Chocolate Gems

These small, edible treats are perfect right before going to bed. Small enough not to have your stomach rumbling, yet delivering a healthy 5mg of CBD, these treats offer the perfect way to head off to sleep. They are also well suited for after dinner mints to cap off a satisfying meal.

Just be wary of not combining the gems with other CBD infused treats as you might find yourself taking in too much during the day. One more thing to be careful about the 1906 Midnight Dark Chocolate Gems is that they include corydalis rhizome extract, which is perfectly safe to consume, but it’s also quite sticky, so do not let it sit on your sheets because they will be difficult to remove.

Coda Truffles

More than simply treats, Coda Truffles are works of art. These remarkable CBD edibles have continually ranked as some of the best available in the state and for good reason. All the truffles are handmade by a Chocolatier. This means that they are not only decorated to be quite attractive, but also have the right amount of pure chocolate goodness that makes them one of the most desired truffles available.

You can purchase Coda Truffles in sets of six and choose from the Crescendo, Forte, and when available the Serenade line. The collections have different flavors that you can enjoy which include the following.

  • Burnt Caramel
  • Earl Gray
  • Hazelnut
  • Juniper Lemon
  • Passion
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Tiramisu

Each of the truffles has 10mg of CBD oil which means that you can accurately judge your intake to the level that you desire.

Dixie Elixirs Mints & Drinks

The synergy mints offered by Dixie offers a simple, tasty way of getting the CBD you want without having to consume a larger edible bar or treat. The mints make the perfect after dinner treat as they contain a ratio of 5 to 1 CBD. This is lower that the typical 10 to 1 found in most CBD edibles, but for those who are just starting out or who simply want a little extra CBD, these mints are perfect.

The mints come in berry, strawberry, and a sweet flavor that is unique. There are 16 mints per package and they best way to enjoy them is placing the treat under the tongue much like tinctures. Keep in mind that the company also produced THC infused products, so be sure you are aware of what you are ordering before making the purchase.

Love’s Oven

Not enough can be said about Love’s Oven, one of the most celebrated of all CBD edible treats. All of their products are not only high-quality, but all-natural and locally sourced for the freshest ingredients. The philosophy behind the treats at Love’s Oven is to produce only the best that can be made within the state of Colorado.

The result is a wide range of CDB edibles that offer different dosages of CBD to suit your needs. One of the most recommended is the 10 to 1 line that provides excellent options in terms of dosage along with being some of the tastiest on the market today.

For those who are new to edibles or perhaps want to choose from some of the best available, what follows are ten of the best CBD edibles that are created in Colorado today. This is a long way from baking brownies at home.

Lucky Turtle No Bad Days Tincture

When it comes to having the most amount of CBD available in an edible product, Lucky Turtle No Bad Days Tincture wins out. If only because one bottle has an amazing 1500mg of CBD. This translates into a 100-day supply which at the price is quite reasonable. The tincture is not strictly an edible since it is absorbed by the skin under your tongue, but you are going to taste and consume at least part of it regardless.

If you are searching for the most amount of CBD with a single purchase, then keep Lucky Turtle in mind.

Ripple Green Tea Mango Gummies

The Ripple brand is known for their wonderful water-soluble gummies, particularly those that are added to teas and other beverages. The tea mango gummies are particularly good for those who want to get a good night’s sleep. Simply add the gummies to the tea that you are drinking, preferably a tea with no caffeine, and slip away into a calm, restful sleep.

The amount of CBD included is quite low, a one to one ratio which means that the effects are relatively light but carry an extra impact when trying to go to sleep.

Stratos CBD & THC

These are tablets that you can use with your meals or taken separately when you need a boost of CBD to your system. Be aware that they also have THC infused tablets, so be careful about which ones you order depending on your location and your needs.

Stratos makes tablets for both medical and recreational use for its THC infused products. But the CBD line offers a 15 to 1 ratio which is considerably higher compared to the THC levels of 1 to 1 or 2 to 1. Plus, the 15 to 1 is also higher compared to the normal 10 to 1 ratio found in many CBD treats.

Stratos makes a good choice for those who want a simple tablet to supplement their CBD needs without having to purchase foods. Also, the exact ratio means that you can better judge the amount that is going into your system.

Sweet Pieces

If you are looking for a hard candy that you can take with you almost anywhere, then Sweet Pieces is the CBD edible of choice. Crafted with 1.5mg of CBD, these hard candy treats can withstand the cold and heat to a certain degree. This means you can take then when on a hike or just keep them handy in your purse, backpack, or other container.

The relatively small amount of CBD means you may be able to use them on the same day as other CBD edibles, but be careful about staying within the recommended limits.

TasteBudz 50:1 Gummies

If you are looking for gummies that carry a big kick of CBD, then TasteBudz is your destination. At 50 to 1, the amount of CBD infused in each of the gummies is extraordinary. T

The only downside, and it may be a considerable one if you work for a company or organization that tests for cannabis, is that the product does contain a small amount of THC. If you are concerned about THC testing, then you should avoid this product. Otherwise, the strong amount of CBD included with each treat, 50mg treats to be exact. Then TasteBudz is definitely one to consider if you want a little THC in the mixture.

Wana Brands

Chance are, you have heard of Wana Brands and their famous gummies that come infused with either CBD or THC. These Colorado edibles have taken the market by storm thanks to their high quality and many different flavors. You can choose from such flavors as blueberry, mango, strawberry, watermelon, and even yuzu.

In addition to the gummies, Wana Brands also makes fruit lozenges called Wana Drops which are also infused with either CBD or THC. What makes both the drops and gummies so desirable is a combination of great taste and consistent level of infusion for the CBD or THC. This means you know what you are getting when enjoying these treats.

Again, it pays to be aware of the contents of each treat as some may include THC. However, if you stick to products that are 100% CBD, then you should be safe in terms of avoiding the unwanted effects of THC since it will not be present in the product.

For those who are looking for the best CBD edibles in the state of Colorado, you cannot go wrong with the ten that are listed in this article. These Colorado edibles have all been praised for their high-quality, excellent taste, and variety of choices that makes selecting one or more of these treats something to look forward to when you want a CBD-infused edible.