medical cannabis

The medicinal value is what drives the cannabis industry because the reason marijuana was legalized in America was for medical purposes. However, recreational marijuana has become more popular in recent years. Hence, legalized cannabis businesses have lost sight of the medicinal properties infused by nature in cannabis. This product needs no marketing yet, and a few dispensaries focus on the profit margins instead of its quality as a medicine. It has become hard to find a dispensary that cares about the quality of the plant than put your health in jeopardy. The goal is to find a medical store that provides quality not only in their recreational cannabis products but, also in their medical cannabis products. This goal can be achieved by getting a medical cannabis card.

Reasons Why You Should Get A Cannabis Card:

Here are the top reasons as to why getting a medical cannabis card will benefit you in the longer run.

Reason #1: Save Money on Cannabis.

medical cannabis

By getting yourself a medical cannabis card, you will be able to save a lot of bucks. Dispensaries that sell cannabis will probably charge you the price of recreational marijuana unless they see any proof that you need it for medical purposes. The taxes on recreational cannabis is ten times higher as compared to medical cannabis. You do not want to be paying that much amount, especially when cannabis holds the same value in your life as dishwashing detergent. Hence, by getting yourself a medical card, you are able to save money on cannabis considerably.

Reason #2: Reliable and Safe Access.

Apart from being able to save money on cannabis, you can also enjoy reliable and safe access to cannabis. A medical cannabis card is like a guarantee that the plant is taken good care of and the quality is high as it can get.

Reason #3: You won’t have to wait.

medical cannabis

A medical cannabis card saves you from waiting in obnoxiously long lines. As a natural result of which, you will be more mindful while purchasing as you are not in any pressure to decide quickly, so the other person gets their turn. Pretty much we all have those anxieties which arise at the cash register that we can’t even put our money back in the wallet before leaving, so making a conscious choice is another story.

Reason #4: You can receive higher doses.

Medical marijuana is purchasable at much higher dosages at compared to recreational cannabis. You can buy CBD and THC is a supplementary quantity as compared to edibles. For instance, 100mg is the highest quantity of THC that you can purchase while shopping for recreational cannabis. However, the dispensaries are allowed to sell you medical cannabis even in the quantities of thousands of milligrams.

Reason #5: More perks.

medical cannabis

People with medical cannabis cards are provided special membership perks that are not given to just anybody.

So, in conclusion, a medical cannabis card will provide you cheaper, and better cannabis along with various other membership perks that not only save your money but, your time as well.