Cheap area rugs can be a great addition to your home. With a wide variety of options available to buy, you may feel like that you need to spend a lot of money to capture the look that you want. This is not necessarily true. If you are just trying to capture a great color or pattern, then you will be surprised at what you can purchase for a lot less than the most expensive types of rugs.

Following are the best places to find cheap rugs:

  • Amazon

Amazon is one of the best places to buy literally everything. So, it’s not really a surprise to know that they have a great rug selection as well. Amazon allows you to take a look at what other home décor lovers are purchasing. From shaggy and monochromatic designs to Moroccan trellis, Amazon’s best-sellers list offers some great ideas when it comes to buying stylish yet cheap area rugs.

  • Walmart

Walmart is another great place to buy cheap rugs. They have a very large selection of natural looking and bright area rugs that can make any space extra-inviting. The rug selection of Walmart contains wide range of high quality, affordable area rugs.

  • World Market

If you are looking for bright and vivid cheap area rugs, then World Market is the place for you. From geometric to paisley to ikat, these stylish area rugs will take your room to the next level. The quality of the rugs is great and the prices are low. World Market has recently expanded their rug selection and now classics like hemp rugs are also available for sale.

  • West Elm

West Elm is the place you can always count on when it comes to finding high-quality, good looking area rugs. They often run promotions on regular priced rugs. Apart from this, their large selection of rugs guarantees that you will find the rug that suits your style, needs, and preference. West Elms have the rugs that are usually on the high end of the cheap area rugs spectrum. However, if you are looking for a super high-quality, modern, and unique rug without spending a lot of money, then this is definitely the place for you.

  • Wayfair

Wayfair has an amazing selection of affordable rugs – from monochromatic geometrics to bright and vivid stitch patterns and even woven rag area rugs. No matter the style, shape, or design, you will surely find something here that suits your needs.

  • Target

Whether its pattern, color or both that you are looking for, Target has a wide variety of good-looking rugs to satisfy any decorating desire. They have high quality rugs on sale both in-sore and online. If you are looking for small accent rugs, then it is recommended that you shop in-store. On the other hand, the website is great for buying large-sized rugs that are not available in the store. Keep in mind that you might find some obviously cheap rugs on the website, but items can be either shipped back or returned to a store free of charge. So, there is a very little risk involved if you are not satisfied with your choice.