Do you have any ongoing medical health problem that demands a continuous dosage of some medication? Probably you have consulted doctors for prescription but now might be worried about the huge cost involved in the purchase. Stats reveal that medication costs cause a huge burden on consumer wallets. However, if you skip the dosage, it may cause a huge risk to your health and wellness. In such situations, it is better to look for some of the best options to get prescriptions at an affordable price.

Below we have highlighted some of the most trusted apps that can help you save more on prescriptions:

Easy Drug Card:
This application is designed to help you get prescriptions on discount so that you can save more without risking your health. In case if you have not taken any health insurance or your current policy is not covering the prescription cost, this app can help you save more. The best thing to know about this app is that it can also save on the medication cost of your pet as well. With Easy Drug Card, one can avail discount as much as up to 80%.

It is commonly observed that most of the people prefer to buy their prescription medications from the same pharmacy. It may appear quick and easier, but in actual, you need to pay a huge premium to get this service. The fact is that prices of prescription drugs keep on varying from pharmacy to pharmacy, but it doesn’t mean that you should visit them all. The GoodRX platform can help you get details about comparative prices instantly so that you can get medication at an affordable price. Moreover, it also offers a variety of coupons to save more on every purchase.

Here is a free app that you can use to print off or download a special discount prescription card that is further applicable to any pharmacy. Whether you have any medical health insurance or not; this app can be used by everyone with ease. While buying your precision, simply hand over this card to the pharmacist, and he will instantly calculate the discount available for you. In general, it can help you save up to 40% on every medication.

Here is another comprehensive tool that can be used to manage prescriptions of the entire family. It is even possible to order refills, transfer prescriptions, and even have a chat with the pharmacy team via this interactive app. Moreover, this app can help you earn points for every purchase that can be redeemed later to get higher Rx discount.

ScriptSave WellRX:
This app can help you get all medications at the lowest price while availing additional discounts. Open this app and simply add your medication details along with the area zip code; it will soon direct you to the local medical stores and will show the cheapest price options as well. Many early users say that this app helped them to save more than 80% on prescription medications.